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Фриланс - можно ли превратить его в постоянную работу?
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Заглянуть в компанию, узнать что нового происходит внутри коллектива, прочитать слухи или домыслы о происходящем внутри коллектива Вы можете в данном разделе. Здесь публикуют свои записи представители ведущих международных компаний. Комментируйте и задавайте вопросы.
Как временные подработки сделать постоянным заработком. АНГЛ.
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Sometimes the best way to get your foot in the door with a company is by accepting a part-time or temporary employment opportunity. Here are four ways to turn a part-time job into full-time work.

THREAD YOURSELF INTO THE FABRIC OF THE ORGANIZATION. Aside from doing a kick-butt job and going above and beyond expectations, get involved in extra-circular activities. Play on the corporate softball team, volunteer to assist with events, and show up at every single office birthday party. Bring that glowing personality and upbeat attitude with you at all times. Appealing to an employer's emotional side is a smart play, after all, they're human too!

MAKE YOUR MOTIVE KNOWN FROM THE START. Back when I was an intern for a radio station that I wanted to work full-time for, I would tell everyone who would listen that I wanted to work there upon graduation. It became a running joke with upper-management, but eventually got me the gig. Too many employees play coy and leave room for interpretation. It might sound simplistic, but if you want to work full-time for a company, tell them. The current economy has many people working several part-time jobs, and surprisingly, many have found they like it that way.

FIND A VOID AND FILL IT. Size up your colleagues and figure out where there's a shortfall of talent. For example, if the company does not have anyone who understands social media, make sure the hiring agents are aware that this is a skill you bring to the table. No one speaks Spanish? Let your bilingual prowess out of the bag.

MAKE THEIR LIVES EASY. The idiom, "better the devil you know," rings true at work. Most companies do not like the recruitment/interview process. It eats up a lot of time and doesn't guarantee anything. Every organization I've worked for would prefer to hire internally, for the simple fact that they know what they are getting.

People generally like to be surrounded by positive people that they can trust. Follow the tips above while showing your employer that you're "maintenance free" and you'll have a better chance of turning that part-time job into full-time work.
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