23 сентября 2017
Первый день на новой работе
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Заглянуть в компанию, узнать что нового происходит внутри коллектива, прочитать слухи или домыслы о происходящем внутри коллектива Вы можете в данном разделе. Здесь публикуют свои записи представители ведущих международных компаний. Комментируйте и задавайте вопросы.
Вы сменили работу и сегодня с радостным предчувствием и небольшим волнением идете на новую работу. Первый день...каким он будет, и как правильно вести себя на новом месте? В своем блоге Jobacle.com поможет вам разобраться с возникшими вопросами. АНГЛ.
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Starting a new job is exciting and fun. Introducing the new hire around the office, not so much.

Sure you are happy to have a fresh and willing new face around the office to help with the workload, but ushering them around the building, hoping that you don't forget an employee's name or botch a title, is a stressful endeavor. Here are several introduction examples I've experienced and used. Your feedback on each is encouraged.


This is a meet and greet that involves the manager and the new employee 'making the rounds.' The seemingly never-ending tour often begins with the people the new associate will be working closest with and fans out to the tertiary players. With each stop you must ask employees if they have a minute. Assuming they do, you will go through the 'speech' that includes the rookie's name, title and general job description. You'll often hear that "Mike is the new Karen."

Pros: Everyone feels special with a one-on-one introduction; Greatest chance of the newbie remembering employees' names
Cons: Time consuming for manager and employee; Risk of embarrassment for manager if a name or title gets botched


This mass greeting entails gathering a group of employees into an office or conference room and introducing the new employee in one fell swoop. As you go around the room, each person shares their name, title and duties. The meeting is sandwiched with information about the newcomer, and puts pressure on the employee and rookie - not the 'tour guide.'

Pros: Time efficient; Saves on repetition
Cons: Potentially overwhelming for the new employee; Puts pressure on staff


Similar to the above scenario, this work introduction has you assembling office groups, one at a time, for an introduction. For example the accounting department meets the rookie at 9:30am, the legal team at 9:45am, and so on.

Pros: Gives new employee a better understanding of hierarchy and associations
Cons: Everyone in each department must be available; Coordination can prove time consuming


An email that is sent to the appropriate units of a company can help establish the new hires' credibility. From where they went to school (if relevant) to where they worked before, a new employee introduction letter is an effective way to communicate facts about the rookie.

Pros: A tangible reference to help current staff understand who this person is
Cons: Impersonal: No visual identification; Doesn't help the newbie learn about preexisting employees

Many organizations have an employee orientation program, but often, it's an exercise that includes rules and regulations, not a plan for a new employee welcome. Which introduction method do you prefer? I lean toward individual introductions (as soon as possible so no one gets offended!) coupled with an employee introduction letter. It's painful for me, but gets the job done.
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